Just go see it on Instagram…

…because the computer is still spazzing and useless and I can’t get my photos off the camera, dang it. But my sister Tia was here with her two wee boys, and she documented quite a few of the afternoon’s happenings. There was a go-cart, and a wood-fired bread oven, and a bonfire, and a barbecue, and s’mores, and strawberry plants, and the beginnings of a wardrobe consultation, and Tonka trucks, and astonishingly dirty children, and three little boys in a bathtub.

Like I thought yesterday, today was a better day.


9 thoughts on “Just go see it on Instagram…

    1. There are ADS on my blog? HEY! That’s it…I’m going to have to switch to invite-only again.

      By the way, I know who “Dad” is – but who’s “hijacker mom”? Ha! Nice to hear from you both.

    1. I’m just seeing regular old english adds. Google is quite smart, though (or dumb, depending on how you look at it). I would get Japanese adds when I was in Japan because it registered my IP address as being in Japan.

  1. And the ads only appear on my phone, not my laptop. But then I’m running an ad blocker on my laptop, so that may not be significant.

  2. I don’t see ads on my phone or computer! So who knows.

    We had an extraordinary amount of fun yesterday and I can’t wait to come back next week!

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