Gardening with Baby Tigger

When I’m working down at such a convenient level, he likes to come drape himself across my back to cuddle in the sunshine.



5 thoughts on “Gardening with Baby Tigger

  1. I love that those are your gardening clothes. And the most fashionable gardener award goes to my sister Corrie…and the cutest sidekick award goes to TomTom!!

    1. Ha! Thing is, if I have to bother changing clothes for some particular activity, I probably will just skip it. So I do my light gardening in pyjamas or skirts and tights or whatever it is that day. A cotton dress washes just as easily as pair of jeans, so why not?

  2. Pink and black sure looks good on you! As I recall, those are the colors you were wearing the afternoon that you convinced me to let you be my dresser… You were just so darn cute–an excellent advertisement for your wardrobe consultant service!

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