Closing Up Shop

That’s one week of daily blogging…such as it was: Italian used car ads, broken computers, and all. (I got up yesterday’s two pictures only with Tremendous Effort.) But I’m bored of it already. Thing is, I don’t find these short posts at all satisfying, creatively, but the long story posts I do like to write take more time than I presently have. Conundrum.

I’m not sure what will come next. If you would like to be invited to any private blog I might reopen, and aren’t sure you’re already on the list, leave a request below.

And who knows? I might change my mind again next week and show up back here!




Tuesdays are lessons, with six bag lunches packed after breakfast, together with four swim bags and a piano bag. Today we added errands as well: eight stops in four and a half hours. Over ninety minutes of that was just driving. And the CRD turned off our water at 9 o’clock this morning. And my inbox had a dozen starred emails all requiring immediate thoughtful attention. And the laptop was spazzing uncontrollably because I splashed water on it yesterday. And dinner was an hour and a half late. And by the time it was my turn to shower, there was no hot water left. And Baby Tigger climbed around on the white window seat in his muddy outside clothes. And we ran out of bread. And I ran out of energy and patience.

The good news is, tomorrow will be better.